Economic Development

Outdoor Sports Valley was created to contribute to the economic growth of outdoor sports industry companies. This is why the actions undertaken and the services offered are constantly changing in order to best respond to the needs of the industry.

In light of this, the association decided to focus on 3 main objectives:

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Types of services and benefecits :

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As a group OSV has been able to obtain significant cost savings with partner service providers for those cost centers essential to a business's daily operations:
- Commercial real estate
- Delivery services
- Employment platform
- Hotels
- Laboratory testing for REACh regulations
- Legal guidance
- Purchasing platform for packaging
- Taxis / airport shuttles
- Vehicle rentals

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Preferred pricing for a wide range of tools à la carte:
- Magazine subscription
- Aerial photography or video via drone, pilot included
- Housing assistance for employees
- Carbon footprint evaluation
- OSV discount cards
- Business concierge
- Eco-friendly printing
- Continuing professional education
- Incentive programs

- Real estate platform (end of 2014)
- Digital strategy

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Multiple information sources on the outdoor sports market:
- Market studies
- Membership extension with EuroSIMA
- Fansometer
- Monthly newsletters
- Economic observatory
- Information evenings and breakfasts covering various topics

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